What the KJV Bible says of God categorized.*

I find that everything about God fits nicely into three categories:
1. Stories:         which may be most enjoyable for children.
2. Attibutes:     which feels like worship.
3. Judgements: which maybe best left for scholars.

Here are their respective recordings for download:
1. History.mp3 (for children)
2. Doctrine.mp3 (for worshipful)(attributes of God)
3. Judgment.mp3 (for scholars)
(The first two recording are word for word KJV, History was KJV but the reader switched out words for his children to comprehend)

PDF format:
Fully KJV printable book:

* Non- repeating. Exhuastive, based on the criteria of what God said about HimSelf, or else what the Narrator said of God, or else what Jesus said of God. (For example, God approved Job's words of God- so, should what Job said of God be added? No, because it wasn't one of the three sources.)

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